Speed- ticks between when you acted and when you act again
Accuracy- Number of dice added when attacking.
Damage- …
Parry- Number of dice added when parrying.


  • Piercing- reduce armor by 1/2, round up.
  • Conceal- can be hidden
  • Overwhelm- ask GM in person.
  • Reach- No penalty vs cavalry

One Handed Melee Weapons
Axe: Spd 4, Ac+1, Dmg 5L, Parry -2, 0R, Concealable
Chopping Sword: Spd 4, Ac
1, Dmg+5L, Parry-1, 1R
Club, Cudgel: Spd 5, Ac+1, Dmg+6B, 0R, Concealable
Hammer, Mace: Spd 5, Ac+1, Dmg 8B, 1R, Piercing
Knife: Spd 5, Ac
1, Dmg+2L, Parry+0, 0R, Concealable
Short Sword: Spd 4, Ac+2, Dmg+3L, Parry 1, 1R
Straight Sword: Spd 4, Ac
1, Dmg 3L, Parry2, 1R

Two Handed Melee Weapons, Strength 3 Required
Great Sword, Axe: Spd 6, Ac+1, Dmg+7L, Parry-1, 1R, Overwhelm 2
Halberd, Scythe: Spd 6, Ac 0, Dmg7L, Parry +0, 1R, Reach
Sledge: Spd 6, Ac-1, Dmg +12B, Parry -3,1R, Overwhelm 4, Reach

Lance and Spear
Lance Mounted- Spd 5, Ac 3, Dmg10L, Parry-3, 1R, Reach, Overwhelm 2
Lance Dismounted- Spd 6, Ac-1, Dmg+5L, Parry-3, 1R, Reach
Spear Mounted or Braced- Spd 5, Ac 1, Dmg7L, Parry+2, Reach
Spear Dismounted or Unbraced- Spd 5, Ac 1, Dmg4L, Parry+2, Reach

Range weapon- All are 2 Handed Weapons

Crossbow: Spd 6, Ac+0, Dmg 5L, Range 125, 2R, Piercing
Flame Piece: Spd 6, Ac+1, Dmg 12L, Range 10, 3R, Slow to Reload!
Flame Pistol: Spd 6, Ac+1, Dmg 8L, Range 8, 3R, Slow to Reload, one hand


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