Ethnic Groups

The Major Ethnic Groups of Westeros are-

The Andals
Description: Fair skinned with dark hair and eyes.
History: the Andals appeared in Westeros around 2-3 millennia ago in several waves. Settling the southern half of Westeros.
Religion: Faith of the 7
Nobility: The wine of the Holy Grail flows in their blood.

The First Men
Description: Swarthy, often with beards and grim looks.
History: the First men arrived in Westeros around 7-8 millennia ago in several waves. Settling across the continent.
Religion: The Old Gods
Nobility: The old blood of beasts, and the wild, flows in their veins.

The Iron Born
Description: A polygot race, their practice of taking salt wives means an ironborn can have almost any physical features.
History: No one is sure why or how the ironborn culture drifted so far from the practices of the First Men, but theirs is a warlike culture that promotes reaving, raping, pillaging, slavery, and the killing of innocents.
Religion: The Drowned God, The Storm God.
Nobility: The Blood of the Sea flows in their veins.

The Rhoynar
Description: Olive skinned, sometimes black skin, dark or red curly hair, dark eyes.
History: The Rhoynar crossed the Narrow sea almost 1,000 years ago to escape the expanding Valyrian Freehold. They intermarried with the Dornish Andals.
Religion: The Faith of the 7.
Nobility: The Blood of the Desert flows in their veins.

The Valyrians

  • Description: Commoners are often pale skinned with blond or white hair and violet, red, or blue eyes. Nobility vary wildly based on how closely they are tied to their dragon blood. (Ie a Noble who has a strong Fire influence may have red or ash black hair and tanned or even bronze or blackened skin, a Noble strong toward the Water Dragon may have Black, Green or Blue hair and eyes. One leaning toward Air often has very light and pale features, whites, grey’s and light blue become common. One leaning toward Earth is likely to be swarthy and stocky, with grey, brown, or black features common…etc)
  • History:
  • Religion: The Immaculate Order
  • Nobility: The Blood of the dragons flows in their veins.

Ethnic Groups

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