Essos, The Homeland, the world spanning continent, the lands of the world spanning Valyrian Empire… now lost to war, chaos and barbarism.

The Scavenger Lands: Making up the Western Coast of Essos, the so called Scavenger lands cover an area some 1,500 miles north to south, and perhaps 1000 miles from the coast to the Dothraki Sea.
The Scavenger lands were something of a backwater of the Old Valyrian Empire, relatively sparsely populated, and with terrain that made travel and growing difficult. This all changed with the Doom; when survivors of that disaster poured into the region and survivors of other areas fled westward from the now unchecked Dothraki barbarians.

Language: Scavenger. Scavenger tongue is a bastardized form of High Valyrian, mixed together with Dothraki, the old Rhoynar and Andal tongues, and over a dozen tribal languages that are native to the area.

Currently the Major nations/cities/empires are:

  • Lookshy


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