Blood of the Dragons

Magic among all the people of westeros is split into two main categories, Greater Magic, and Lesser Magic.

Great Dragon Magic: More powerful than lesser magic.

Lesser Dragon Magic:
For the Targaryens, The lesser magical abilities are shaped by their various dragons and types of Dragon, and often have a notable elemental component. While a Targaryen can show abilities related to multiple Dragons, every Targaryen Lord has a preference, one path that is more… natural to them than any other.

Air Dragon
Earth Dragon
Fire Dragon
Forest Dragon
Water Dragon

Seperate Gifts- lesser magic that can be taken without any path connection. (that is, they are always purchased as if they are lesser magic that is on your path.)

Draconian Body: Can be taken a number of times equal to your stamina. Passive, always active. Each time taken Draconian Body adds a number of Health levels: -0, OR -1, -1, OR -1, -2, -2. You do not have to pick the same health dot each time.

Elemental Bolt Character launches an energy bolt of his own element. The Bolt has an accuracy rating equal to the characters least virtue, and a Strength equal to (highest virtue equals base strength). The bolt also has an elemental effect

  • Air Buffets the Target, reducing it’s dice pool by 2 for its next action.
  • Earth triggers a tremor beneath the Targets feet, they need 4 successes on a Dex Athletics or fall prone.
  • Fire- Add 4L to the Bolt.
  • Forest- Poisons the Target. Target rolls stamina + medicine and needs a number of successes equal to (Attackers least virtue), or loses 1 dice on all actions for the rest of the scene.
  • Water- fills the targets lungs with seawater, their action is delayed by three ticks from violent coughing.
    Note- This magic can be learned multiple times, each time with a new element. A character learns his own element first, then treats the other 4 as Out of Path (10xp) magics that can be learned in any order.

3rd Circle Sorcery: Passive. Purchasing 3rd circle sorcery allows the Targaryen to purchase spells of the third circle. Once he has purchased 3 3rd circle spells, he gains access to the 2nd Circle of Sorcery.

Blood of the Dragons

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