There are numerous backgrounds, I’ll go over each one to be sure it is explained clearly.

Allies- Allies represent your friends, other Noble Lords and Ladies, who help you and spend time with you because they are your friends. Allies are often willing to help you, some are even willing to risk a great deal for you, but they expect you to do the same. A poorly treated ally can quickly become a terrible foe. Allies are built to starting character standards and gain xp roughly equivalent to a PC. You gain one ally per dot purchased.

Arsenal – Special, described on the Arsenal Page

Artifact – Artifact represents magical items. Usually in the form of weapons and armor, but sometimes specialty pieces that perform other functions can be found.

Bloodline – Bloodline represents the strength of your bloodline, and the potency of your legacy. It does nothing directly for your character, but increases the odds your children will be heroic mortals or epic instead of common.

Dragon – Dots in Dragon increase your Dragon’s size and power.

Fame – Fame represents how well known you are to the commoners of your kingdom, and the other kingdoms. Fame can be good or bad, sometimes both.
0- Who are you?
1- You have some fame in Dragonstone.
2- Well known in Dragonstone and across the Kingdom of Isles
3- Your reputation has spread to neighboring Kingdoms, and even to Essos. Even nobles may have heard of you.
4- Your word carries great weight to the commoners of any nearby Kingdom, even people in Dorne and the North have heard of you.
5- Who hasn’t heard of you?

Followers – Followers are Houses, Mercenary Bands, Pirate Groups, even Town Militia, or groups of Hedge Knights. Followers Represent people and groups loyal to you, not your House or the Kingdom as a whole. Equipping Followers with exotic or expensive gear requires Arsenal or Liege.

Liege – Represents your relationship with Queen Morathi, how strongly she favors you, how much she trusts you, and how much stuff she gives you, this is one of the most powerful backgrounds in the game.
WARNING: Her majesty has a low Temperance and Liege heavily fluctuates over the coarse of the game, your dots in Liege give you a starting advantage, but are likely to erode as you make mistakes… or even as you succeed and she starts lavishing favor on your brothers to keep any one of you from becoming too powerful. So be careful if you load up on Liege.

Reputation – There are only about 1,000 Noble Families in Westeros, it’s a tightly knit, even incestuous, society and rumor gets around fast among the highborn and their servants.
0- Who are you?
1- You’re well known in your group. (ie tournament Knights, Dandies, etc)
2- You’re name is bandied about your kingdom.
3- Even the nobles of neighboring kingdoms talk about you.
4- Tales of your exploits have spread across the 8 Kingdoms.
5- Even the Lords of Essos and the Summer Isles have heard of you.

Resources Resources refers to your independent wealth, from estates, Lands, royalties… etc.
0- poverty, you own the clothes on your back
1- You can afford the minimum standard of living for a noble, and your can maintain resource 3 equipment.
2- Knightly living- you can own a suit of plate, several horses, and a squire and perhaps a maid.
3- Prosperous- you may own a large home, or studio in a city. You like have around a dozen servants, and can maintain resource 4 equipment for yourself.

Retainers Retainers are ordinary humans, and almost always commoners, or at least foreigners, although some are animals… Retainers have few skills to offer, but are often incredibly loyal. Servants, Concubines, Guard Dogs, Pagan Magicians, Secretaries, Monks, Choir Boys, Girl Scouts, Bodyguards, Cooks, Political Advisors, Speech Writers, Women’s Lib Advocates, Bards… these are all Retainers.
X- Two retainers
XX- Five Retainers
XXX- Eight Retainers
XXXX- Twelve Retainers
5X- 20 Retainers!


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