Agents and High Lord

Henchmen have certain roles they can play during seasons. To save sanity their attributes are reduced to a single score based on the Agent Type.

Agents (Add the following scores then divide by 8 round down)

  • Assassin (Disappear): Physical Attributes + Archery, Athletics, Bribery, Craft (Water), Stealth
  • Captain (Command): Physical Attributes + Heraldry, Leadership, Seneschal, Stronghold, War
  • Diplomat (Charm): Social Attributes + Diplomacy, Empathy, Etiquette, Politics, Seduction
  • Priest (Faith): Social Attributes + Hearth Wisdom, Intimidation, Leadership, Performance, Religion
  • Spy (Subterfuge): Mental Attributes + Disguise, Interrogation, Investigation, Streetwise, Subterfuge

What the Agents do-

  • Assassins* kill other Henchmen, and do it on the sly. Sometimes a lucky Assassin can even kill an Epic character!
  • On a success, the targeted character dies or sustains a serious injury, depending on the degree of success.
  • On a tie, the assassin fails but escapes.
  • On a failure the assassin fails and (evens or odds) either dies in the attempt or escapes, but no one can identify who sent the assassin.
  • On a botch the the assassin is captured alive, and gives up his source!

Captain Captains command armies, lead and train soldiers, and manage cities and regions on behalf of their Generals and Princes.

  • Captain’s can govern cities or regions, command armies or regiments.
  • A captain can spend a season training soldiers, turning them from peasants to soldiers.
  • A captain with no army to lead or train can act as a body guard, decreasing the odds of a successful assassination.

Diplomat- Diplomats can negotiate with foreign kingdoms, or even bribe the Henchmen of other Targaryens into your service.

Priest Priests convert the local population to their religion, pacifying resistance and appeasing the masses of commoners.


  • A spy provides vague information: How many soldiers are in a region, what lord rules the region. The General of the local army, etc.
  • A spy, at some risk, can attempt to determine the composition of an enemy army.
  • A spy can act defensively, searching for other spies and assassins in the province.
  • A spy, at some risk, can attempt to study an epic character learning different stats or magic they might know.

Other seasonal activities that can be performed by

  • Assisting a character with research, planning, or other background work.

Epic characters also usually have an Agent status. Though the names are different than their… mortal counterparts. (Epic characters use the same formula as their peers, but round up.)

  • General/Prince/King/Queen/High Lord
  • Ambassador
  • Cardinal
  • Secret Agent

Agents and High Lord

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