Followers are Smaller Houses, Mercenary Bands, Pirate Groups, even Town Militia, or groups of Hedge Knights. Any group that could provide you with a steady supply of men.

Followers are presumed to be Infantry or Cavalry; Peasants occur when your reserves are over extended, and you don’t have time to train fresh soldiers.

Exactly how many followers each dot provides is likely to change over the course of the campaign, but at the start-
1) Each Dot represents a group of people loyal to you. Typically a Minor House.
2) A certain number of men
3) You may select 1 Trait for each group of soldiers, showing their unique methods of fighting. By taking flaw traits, you may gain additional positive traits.

1X= 25 Men
2X= 75 Men
3X= 150 Men
4X= 300 Men
5X= 750 Men


  • City Watch- Troops are trained for policing and defending cities, they reduce crime and unrest while garrisoned.
  • Knights- Your Troops boast a number of Knights (1/10 of your army may be knights, can be taken multiple times)
  • Marine- Your troops are trained to fight, sail, and even land and fight from ships.
  • On the Line- Your infantry are trained to fight in formation, they are unlikely to flee even if they’re losing a fight (unless they’re hit in the flanks or rear…)
  • Scouts- Your troops Gain a bonus when determining enemy troop composition + a bonus when they are trying to spot enemy ambushes or flank attempts.
  • Siege Specialists- Your men are trained in attacking and defending cities. They build siege engines quickly, and are better able to defend and attack a cities weak points.
  • Strider- Your troops are experts in a certain terrain type (Choose one: Desert, Forest, Jungle, Marsh, Mountain, River, Tundra) Your army takes no penalty moving through this terrain, and has bonuses defending and attacking while in this terrain.
  • Well Equipped- Troops act like you have an extra dot of Arsenal. (can be taken multiple times)

Followers are equipped with standard equipment, unless upgraded with arsenal, or the Well Equipped Trait.


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