Dragon Magic Greater

Greater Magic is powerful, overwhelming, awe inspiring… and dangerous, and draining.

Greater Magic is often limited by your lowest virtue.

1) Dragon Overwhelming: When you make a roll (any attribute + ability roll) add a number of dice equal to your attribute + the used ability. Example: Runa Targaryen has Dex 5, Melee 4,and a Daiklave with Accuracy +3. Normally a roll of 12 Dice. Upon activating this magical power she would roll her 12, plus another 5 and another 4, for a total of 21 dice. (then add any relevant epic attributes.)

2) Dragon perched on the Mountain: Graceful in the extreme, the Targaryen automatically passes any athletics check to keep their balance. It also assumes the Targaryen can balance on anything at least as wide as a piece of string. Lasts one scene.

3) Dragon strikes: you immediately interrupt a declared action, usually in combat time, and take their action. IE. You commit a speed 0 action that happens before any other actions on the tick.

4) Dragon turns the Tide: Character raises his blade aloft, or makes some other drastic, visible effect, and a number of friendly soldiers = to his lowest virtue X1,000, automatically pass their valor checks.

Dragon Magic Greater

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