Chivalry and Dread

Chivalry and Dread are scores that show on noted leaders. Usually under Kings, Queens, and Generals.
It isn’t a measure of fame or reputation, but rather when people talk about a character, what kind of stories they tell. A character with a low chivalry or dread can still have a high reputation or fame, it just means that the stories about the character are less consistent.

Chivalry: Chivalry is a trait associated with heroes, mercy, generosity, self control. People with a high chivalry are often beloved or admired.

  • Release captured prisoners.
  • spare a defeated foe.
  • let fleeing foes escape.
  • Be charitable and fair with small folk.
  • Stop cruelty when they see it.

Dread: Dread is a trait associated with villains, cruelty, ruthlessness, and violence.

  • Execute captured prisoners
  • Use torture
  • Slay defeated foes
  • pursue defeated foes
  • let soldiers loot, indulge in rape, and arson.

City and Region Rule:
Cities being ruled by someone with a high chivalry often prosper as the small folk know the ruler will treat them fairly. Cities being run by someone with a high Dread usually have a low crime rate, but the city tends to suffer economically compared to high Chivalry managed cities.

Cities under siege:
Cities, and Nobles are more likely to surrender to chivalrous enemies as they know they will be treated well. They are less likely to surrender to a high dread opponent…who is far less likely to be merciful.

Chivalry and Dread

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