Morathi Targaryen

The Red Queen of the Dragon Isle, Self proclaimed Empress of Westeros


Age: 48
Ethnicity: Valyrian
Dread: 2
Physique: 6’4". Her skin is a shade of pale marble, her eyes the color of golden citrine, her hair the dark brown of fresh turned soil, her assets great peaks, her curves as shapely as a rolling hillside. Still she is more often described as statuesque or majestic rather than beautiful.
Languages Spoken: Common, High Valyrian, Ghiscari, Summerspeak
Her father was Aegon Targaryen and her mother is Rhaenys Targaryen Her siblings are…Alexander, Demetar, Drexel, Hild Targaryen, Aenys, and Meagor.
Her base born sibling is Orys Dragon.

She is strongly aligned to the Earth.
She is an accomplished sorceress of at least the 2nd circle.

Magic she is Known for:
Eyes of Oblivion: Morathi can slay a mortal (non epic character) with nothing more than her gaze. This power can only be a Greater Magic.

Her Dragon is Fafnir.

Motivation: ?
Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 9, Stamina 10, Charisma 10, Manipulation ?, Appearance 3, Perception 6, Intelligence 7, Wits 3.

Lowest Virtue: Temperance


Children of the Isles, soldiers, priests, nobles, and those who toil in the dust, know that the dark days of ignorance and isolation are over, now and forever. Know that the Andal Lords and pirates have been driven back to Westeros and cursed Essos, and that it is my power that has done so. Know that all those pretenders who sought dominion over the blessed isles have been vanquished and sunk beneath the seas. You have peace, that is my gift to you. Your gift to me shall be obedience. – Morathi

Eldest Daughter and current ruler of House Targaryen, and the Queen of the Kingdom of the Isles.

Morathi took part in her father’s conquest, subjugation, and settling of the Kingdom Isles. Under the ten years of her reign, she’s added several islands to her kingdom and begun a massive military build up.

She is a mercurial ruler, shifting her goals and plans quickly and often, but is capable of astonishing brilliance. It is known to her populace that she is far more concerned with order and power than fairness or chivalry.

Tap Counter:
Aenys: 1
Alexander: 1
Demeter: 0
Drexel: 1
Maegor: 0
Orys: 0

Morathi Targaryen

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