Drexel Targaryen

Targaryen Prince


Age: 25
Ethnicity: Valyrian

Physique: A few inches past six feet, with an athletic build, with short blond hair and pale skin. His eyes are blue and glow as brilliant as a flame. Considered a somewhat attractive man by most, he carries himself well, but may seem distant and aloof to those who don’t interest him. He wears simple clothing of high quality, preferring loose fitting shirts and jackets. Wears light colors with ornate subdued patterns sewn into the cloth.

His Father was Aegon I. His mother is Rhaenys Targaryen. His elder siblings are Morathi, Alexander, and Demeter. His younger siblings are Hild, Aenys, and Maegor.

His baseborn brother is Orys.


  • An unnamed Reaver Daiklave

He has three henchmen…

Drexel Targaryen

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