The Kingdom of Isles


The Kingdom of Isles stretches across the Narrow Sea and includes hundreds of isles. While most are uninhabited, several are prominent trading isles with a fair number of residents.

Authority: Low
Magic: Very High
Military: High
Wealth: High
Population: Very Low

Ruling House: Targaryen
Ruler: Morathi Targaryen
Seat: Dragonstone

Dragonstone is a massive fortification built using the lost Arcana of Valyria, It is one of the greatest keeps in Westeros. A young Kingdom, put together only over the last two decades, it has never landed soldiers on the mainland of Westeros and so has little sway over the older kingdoms.

Produces: The Kingdom of Isles is a trading Kingdom, built on the back of ships trading between Westeros and Essos. The Kingdom has a highly educated populace with many notable craftsmen and artisians, including many who practice crafts that have been largely unknown in Westeros. The sea is a way of life to the people of the Kingdom of Isles, and common foods are fish, squid, crabs, and kelp.

Imports: While they have numerous skilled craftsmen the islands import a steady supply of lumber and grain, vegetables, fruits, and other materials like metals and stones.

Bastards: In the Kingdom of Isles noble bastards take the surname Waters.

The Kingdom of Isles

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