Summoning is a type of Sorcery.

Typically there are two variations- Summon Spirits, and Summon Demons.
Note: These Trees are entirely separate, and exclusive. If you Learn Summon Sirits you cannot summon demons.

Note 2: Andals cannot learn Summoning, such obvious sorcery is beyond them.

Summoning Demons:
Summon Demon of the 3rd Circle- (3rd Circle Sorcery, must know at least 4 other 3rd Circle Spells) Demons of the 3rd circle are the weakest of the Demonic Hierarchy, and usually stand somewhere above a heroic mortal, and perhaps slightly below young Epic Characters.
The Three basic types of Demons are:

  • Warrior Demons: Warrior Demons are primarily physical creatures, with powerful bodies and a willingness to do violent things. They can be used for tasks like construction, or resource gathering, where they count as an equivalent of 5 Mortal workers.
    Warrior Demons challenge the Virtue of Valor! For they demand courage in one who dares summon them.
  • Succubi: Social Demons often look almost… human. They are usually very attractive, and skilled conversationalists.
    Succubi challenge the Virtue of Conviction! For they demand a willingness to suffer for ones goals.
  • Imps: Often small and physically under developed, Imps are experts on matters of the mind, and set to such tasks every imp counts as the equivalent of 5 mortal workers.
    Imps challenge the Virtue of Temperance! For they demand a clear reasoned approach to problems.

Summon Demon of the 2nd Circle- (2nd Circle Sorcery, must know Demon of the Third Circle) Rather than Generic types, Demons of this level are always individual characters. Powerful creatures, these Captains of Malfeas rank evenly with powerful epic characters and even their divine counterparts. To Summon a Demon of the Second Circle, research must be conducted to discover one of its true names.

Summon Demon of the 1st Circle (1st Circle Sorcery, must know Demon of the 2nd Circle)- These are the mightiest members of Malfeas, direct lieutenants to the Yozi’s. Powerful with strange supernatural powers, a demon of this rank rolls 18-25 Dice on any given roll and possesses deadly, horrifying, unique magics. Thankfully majority of their names were lost with the Doom. It’s unknown if any of their true names are still known to mankind. Learning the name of one of these… beings is a quest of its own!

Summoning Spirits:
Advantage: Spirits, while not all “Good”, are usually much more benevolent than their demonic counterparts.
Disadvantage: While Demons are bound by the surrender oaths of their dark masters, and will bear any kind of mistreatment, spirits do not. Moreover Spirits can always report particularly wicked sorcerers to heavenly authority for punishment. Higher ranked spirits are also not obligated to actually perform a task or service for their summoner, merely to appear and listen.

Summon Spirit- (3rd Circle Sorcery, must know at least 4 other 3rd Circle Spells)- These spirits are the Heavenly equivalent of secretaries, janitors, guards,or minor bureaucrats.

  • Heavenly Soldier: A soldier in the Divine Army, who is tasked to work for one of the divine bureaus.
  • Secretaries- Socialites extreme, these gossipers and party goers rub shoulders with some of the most powerful Spirits and Deities in Heaven.
  • Bureaucrats- Not all Lawyers go to heaven, but the Heavenly Bureaucracy makes all its merely mortal counterparts seem a joke.

Summon Lesser God- (2nd Circle Sorcery, must know Summon Spirit) Lesser Gods are particularly powerful Spirits who have manage a particular aspect of reality or creation. The Nature of the God largely depends upon the bureau that the lesser god is summoned from, and what exactly they are the God of. Ahlmat God of Cattle from the bureau of Nature is very different from Nara’o, God of Secrets only one person knows.

Summon Deity – (1st Circle Sorcery, must know Summon Lesser God) A truly powerful magic allowing summoning of Intermediate Deities and Greater Deities. However these Deities can… delegate another God to answer the summon. Some one who Summons Corax is far more likely to get his dread hound Eribus.


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