Sorcery breaks down into 3 distinct circles.

3rd Circle Sorcery- Is the most powerful magic most sorcerers ever learn. Many of those who dabble in sorcery stop at this level, and sorcerers of higher levels often consider this art to be a lesser path.
Requirements: The Innate Magic 3rd circle sorcery, Occult 3.

2nd Circle Sorcery-
Requirements: The Innate Magic 2nd circle sorcery, 3 3rd Circle Spells, Occult 5

1st Circle Sorcery-
Requirements: The Innate Magic 1st circle sorcery, 3 2nd Circle Spells, 9 3rdCircle Spells, Occult 7

3rd Circle Spells (speed 5 unless otherwise mentioned)
Death of Obsidian Dragons- Area 30 yards wide, 10 High, 100 Long. The attack releases hundreds of small flying, razor sharp, obsidian dragons. They cut through grass, slice trees, and deface stone. Sorcerer rolls Perception + Occult. Anyone not behind 1 foot of stone, or several feet of wood must roll to block/dodge the attack. Damage = 8L + any extra successes on the Perception + Occult Roll. Once spell ends the destroyed obsidian Dragons remain in shards across the area and act as caltrops to anyone not wearing steel boots.

3rd Circle Countermagic- Speed 0 immediate action, spend 1 willpower to protect yourself against hostile sorcery. spend 2 willpower to destroy all 3rd circle spells in Highest VirtueX50 yards.

Infallible Messenger-A small dragon appears in your hands. The Dragon will travel across the world within a single day to find and deliver a message (no more than 5 min long) to any recipient. It is considered bad form to use these messengers in formal diplomacy. WARNING- the Messenger will not find a magically concealed or hidden person.

Invulnerable skin of Bronze Not compatible with armor, Sorcerer gains 6L/12B Soak and 6L/12B Hardness. Sorcerer’s skin becomes a metal, sorcerer gains 100 lbs, sorcerer gains 2B damage on barehanded attacks.


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