Princedom of Dorne


“Like Dornish food and Dornish law, Dornish speech is spiced with the flavors of the Rhoyne, but a man can comprehend it.”

The Princedom of Dorne stretches across across the far south of the continent. Arid and mountainous, Dorne has one of the harshest environments in Westeros. Despite being primarily a peninsula, most of the Dornish coast is filled by cliffs, reefs, and shallow water. Meaning most of its harbors are unable to support deep water ships. Leaving Dorne the most isolated of the Kingdoms of Westeros.

Authority: Low
Magic: High
Military: High
Population: Low
Wealth: Average

Ruling House: Martell
Ruler: Mariya Martell
Seat: Sunspear

Sunstone is a port city built more for beauty than defense. Still it’s walls are thick compared to many smaller cities, but it is easily the least defensible of the so called Royal Keeps.

Produces: Dorne is a great producer of stonework, metals, and even glasswork.

Imports: Dorne’s primary imports are grain, silks, and dyes.

Bastards: In the Princedom noble bastards take the surname Sands.

Lesser Households

Princedom of Dorne

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