A small island several hundred miles southeast of Dorne; it is a part of a series of small islands locally known as ‘The Chain.’

The Kingdom of Númenor had a small, but relatively wealthy, population, based on the trade of charcinder, a semi-magical powder used in the creation of wildfire. It was governed by the noble Arnsworth family. During a brief, but brutal, war with the Kingdom of Isles, the island’s population was massacred by Alexander Targaryen, who then used the island’s charcinder stores to create enough wildfire to burn most of the other populated islands in The Chain.

Alexander Targaryen uses rumor and deception to fictionalize most accounts of the massacre, making the island appear far wealthier and more powerful than it actually was, as a way to bolster his own fame. He claims there were no survivors, but some have been reported in Essos and the Summer Isles.

The fate of the island, and much of The Chain, after the massacre remains unknown.


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