Missions are given when your character gets assignments from your sister, Queen Morathi, one of her generals, or a different character. Usually for battles, but occasionally for diplomatic or other activities. Typically each player will get a different mission card.

Cards will have between one and three missions on them.

Primary Mission: This is the primary goal, the main objective. Usually each player gets the same primary mission, but not always. Primary objectives are almost always fairly broad.

  • Occupy the Keep.
  • Achieve a peaceful settlement.
  • Route the enemy army.
  • Break the blockade.

Secondary Mission: Secondary missions are more specific in nature, often side notes or objectives that may be helpful or useful in the long run, but may not be critical to achieving the primary object. These are often different between each player. Even if you fail to achieve the primary mission, achieving a secondary mission can still win you glory and accolades.

  • Identify the enemy flagship.
  • Sow distrust between the enemy king and his minister.
  • Destroy as much of the enemy cavalry as possible.
  • Seduce the kings daughter.
  • Make sure to occupy or destroy the bridge.

Secret or liege missions, are often cloak and dagger, and usually have you trying to show up your siblings or other factions at court. These missions are almost always unique, and often conflict with the other players.

  • Make sure your brother loses more of his forces in this battle than you do.
  • Don’t let your brother capture or defeat the enemy general.
  • Your brother’s favorite knight must not survive the battle.
  • Defeat or capture more enemy knights and commanders than your brothers.
  • Make sure majority of your army is in the vanguard, I wish to chastise your brother for “hanging back”


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