Martial Arts

It’s said that a man who learns the martial arts can leap over a horse, or split a stone with his bare hand. While this is impressive to the commoners and peasants of the 8 Kingdoms, it falls to the wayside before the epic heroes of the kingdom. Mere mortal styles, Akido, Boxing, Karate, Tae kwan Do, and all the rest simply aren’t designed to work with the kind of power and that Epic characters can bring into their fist fights.

So while a mortal can learn to leap a horse, a master of the Terrestrial arts can leap over a city wall, or kick down a city gate.

A master of the Celestial Martial Arts can kick down a section of The Wall far in the north and leap over a city.

To Learn a Terrestrial Martial Art: The Terrestrial martial arts come naturally to Epic characters. For Targaryen’s the following two styles count as path for experience purposes.

  • Draconic Hero
  • Five Dragon Style

Other Styles across the world:

The Celestial Martial Arts: Celestial martial arts were created by the Gods and taught to the finest warriors in creation. To Learn a Celestial Martial Art, one must first master a Terrestrial Style, then undergo special purification rights, that often involve learning certain magics. The five most common styles were taught to the Dragon Blooded Host by Kumo Kaminari.

  • Air Dragon Style
  • Earth Dragon Style
  • Fire Dragon Style
  • Forest Dragon
  • Water Dragon Style

Other Styles Include

  • Hungry Ghost Style, taught by Natalya.
  • Dark Messiah, Brilliant Hero- the Twin styles taught by Bethany.
  • Serpent Style- taught by Aconite.

Martial Arts

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