Magical Materials

While peasants and the uneducated use the phrase Valyrian Steel to describe magical metals, and marvel at the fact that it has numerous colors ranging from gold to blue, to green, and even red. The truth is that there are multiple “magical” materials, that are often used to various effects.

For House Targaryen the most common and readily available material is Jade. Which can be blue, white, black, green or red, and various shades of them.

Jade Armor is vastly better than armor built of more mundane materials, being more durable and far lighter.
Jade Weapons can be built far larger than their more mundane equivalents, as they are far lighter and more deadly.
Numerous Miscellaneous items are built of Jade.

Other Magical Materials
Black Iron:
Obsidian (sometimes called Dragonglass):
Soul Steel:
Charcinder: a silver dust with semi-magical properties. It is a key ingredients in many potent magicks and sciences, particularly those involved fire.

Magical Materials

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