Liege represents your relationship with Queen Morathi, how strongly she favors you, and how much she trusts you. This is an incredibly powerful background, as it covers: Your character’s stipend from House Targaryen, and your character’s Status at court. Those with a low Liege are avoided, and find their peers falling into hushed whispers when they approach. Those with high Liege are sought out, admired, respected, and curried favor with.

Also, House Targaryen practices incest, and the higher your Liege rating the more likely you are to find yourself in your sister’s bed. An event that increases the odds that the royal line will descend from your character.

Perhaps more importantly dots in this background are used to determine if your sister will loan you her backgrounds in the measure of-

  • Allies
  • Arsenal
  • Artifact
  • Command
  • Spies

0- You have failed in some spectacular fashion and earned your sister’s wrath.
1- Her majesty is distant, and is waiting for you to prove yourself worthy of more resources or attention.
2- Your character stand in slight favor of her majesty, but is largely left to his own devices unless she needs him for a particular task.
3- Her majesty is somewhat fond of you, perhaps she likes you or just recognizes that your too afraid to cross her. Either way she considers you a worthwhile investment and often summons you for tasks or council.
4- You are one of her Majesties favorites, likely you are too powerful or dangerous to be left on your own to scheme against the crown, or else you have fallen far and she hopes by investing in you, that she may be able to use you to weaken your brother’s positions.
5- You are Her Majesties Hand, the second most powerful man in the kingdom, and none dare gainsay you. However, nearly all of your time is spent in her majesties service.


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