The 1st Dot of Academics gives characters literacy.

Nobles and bastards gain one additional language for every dot of Academics after the first.

Commoners gain additional language through dots of Hearth Wisdom, but they must purchase the first dot of academics to be literate.

Common tongue: language of the PCs, and the common tongue among the Andals, and in the Kingdom of Isles, and the Iron Islands.
Dothraki: the tongue of the nomadic horseman of the central plains of Essos.
Ghiscari: The language of the people of slaver’s bay, east of old valyria.
High Valyrian: The Tongue of the Valyrian Freehold, lost to the Doom.
Mussovy: The Language of the land and empire north and eastward of the Dotharaki Sea.
Old Realm: The Language of Gods and Demons, (Must Have Religion 3 to learn)
Old Tongue: The tongue of the first men, the north, and the land beyond the wall.
Scavanger: The language of the Free cities. It is a lesser and bastardized form of High Valyrian.
Summerspeak: The tongue of the Summer Isles, the lesser islands of the Summer Sea, and the small continent of Sothoryos.


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