Kingdom of Winter


The Kingdom of Winter is the largest of the 8 kingdoms, nearly as large as the other 7 combined. It stretches from the marshlands in the south, to the Wall.

The Kingdom freezes beneath icy winds and drift snow, even hot summers sometimes get snow. The further North you go, the shorter the season that you may plant crops and the sooner you have to bring them in. In the months of thaw, people grow fodder for their animals, plant cold-tolerant crops like turnips, and potatoes and they hunt and fish. Then, as the Starks say, Winter comes. The wind blows colder, and the land freezes and is buried under snow.

Authority: Very Low
Magic: High
Military: Low
Population: High
Wealth: Very Low

Ruling House: Stark
Ruler: Torrhen Stark
Seat: Winterfell

Winter dominates the north. In Winter, it’s too cold too travel, to impractical to gather goods, to suicidal to fight a war. Even in summer, people are busy gathering food and supplies for next winter. Northerners, seek swift, decisive victories in war… because they can’t afford to have the men away for too long. The desire for a swift victory can sometimes lead to ruthlessness.
Being so much larger than it’s southern neighbors, the Kingdom of Winter almost by default has one of the largest populations, but it’s population is spread incredibly thin. Leaving room for other residents…

The biggest problems the Starks have, is their relative poverty. Lacking precious metals, valuable crops, or exotic goods the north has very few exports. They also lack authority with southern kings, due to their unwillingness to march armies south, and the infrequency of their marriages with Southern noble families.

Lesser Households

Kingdom of Winter

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