Kingdom of the Reach

Kingdom of the Reach

The Kingdom of the Reach stretches along the rivers of the southwest. A fertile kingdom, it grows more grain and boasts the highest population of any of the 8 Kingdoms.

Authority: Average
Magic: Very Low
Military: Low
Wealth: High
Population: Very High

Ruling House: Gardner
Ruler: Mern IX Gardener
Seat: Highgarden

Highgarden is a great city, and is still the smaller city of the Reach. Rather than a military fortress, with a great and unassailable keep, it is a trading city, with seven outer walls, each rising higher as one moves inward into the city.

The armies of Highgarden are large and well equipped, but lack discipline, with its heroes often racing toward the front, and it’s infantry relatively undrilled and unused to working together.

In the Reach the divide between peasant and noble and the division of wealth is more obvious than in any other Kingdom in Westeros.

Produces: Food of all kinds is exported from the Kingdom to eager buyers. Even exotic fruits grow easily here.

Imports: Despite the scholars of Oldtown, the Reach imports numerous items that its own peasants lack the skill to produce. Their biggest trading partners are the Kingdom of Rock.

Lesser Households of the Reach

Bastards: In the Kingdom of the Reach noble bastards take the surname Flowers.

Kingdom of the Reach

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