Dragon Sizes and Fluff

0- Small Dragon, 1 Trait
1- +1 Trait
2- +1 Trait
3- +1 Trait OR size upgrade
4- +1 Trait
5- Size upgrade

Scout Dragon, Small Dragon:
a. Size:
b. Strength: 10
c. Soak: 16
d. Hardness: 8
e. Mobility: -3
Can grow to a common dragon with a size upgrade.

Common Dragon
a. Size:
b. Strength: 12
c. Soak: 20
d. Hardness: 10
e. Mobility: -6
Can grow to a noble dragon or a colossus dragon with a size upgrade.

Noble Dragon
Strength: 14
Soak: 22
Hardness: 11
Mobility: -4

Colossus Dragon
Strength: 20
Soak: 30
Hardness: 15
Mobility: -10

Dragons have limited stats, A Dragon uses its rider’s attribute and ability if it is required to make a roll beyond it’s Strength or Soak (which it always uses its own score).

Dragon’s share an intrinsic link to their riders. They often have nearly identical personalities. If the master dislikes or hates someone so does the dragon. If the master loves a person so does the dragon. If the master is angry so is the dragon. This link conveys emotion, not information.

Epic Attributes do not carry over to Dragons.

EXAMPLE: Alexander Targaryen rides his Dragon Afanc over a herd of sheep. He wants his Dragon to use it’s fire breath. Afnac has no Dexterity or Archery, so Alexander would roll his own. Afnac’s breath attack would then resolve at a strength of 12 plus any accuracy bonus, versus the sheep soak of 1.

Breath- Dragon Breath is Deadly!

  • Unless the Dragon develops a special trait, Dragon breath runs rather wild and is hard to aim. It uses the Dragon’s Base Strength, with a Speed of 6, and has a range of fifty yards. As the flames run wild, they do aggravated damage against units using the magnitude rules, making fire dangerous. Dragon’s can only use a breath attack once a scene.

• Aquatic: Dragon can swim and breathe under water. It can swim under water then launch itself high to fly. It can hide, fight, or survive under water at no penalty.
• Forest: Dragon can move comfortably through the woods and jungles and knows how to fight at no penalty in such terrain. It can even hide among trees and foliage if the woods are thick enough.
• Desert: The Dragon is comfortable in the sands and badlands, and can bury himself in the desert, and find water and shade with little difficulty. It takes no penalty fighting, surviving, or hiding in the desert.
• Marsh: Your Dragon is comfortable in marshes, bogs, and mires. It takes no penalty fighting, surviving, or hiding in such environments.
• Tundra: Your Dragon is comfortable in the cold and takes no penalty for cold weather, moving through snow, and can fight, survive, and even hide in this environment with no trouble.
• Climber: Your Dragon can scale walls, cliffs, or mountains without an Athletic check. It can also land from flight on vertical surfaces and begin climbing. It takes no penalties fighting from a wall or mountain, and can remain perched and hidden, unmoving for Stamina days. CAN NOT be taken by Colossus Dragon.
• Focused Breath: The Dragon Focuses his fire into a concentrated stream, channeling it against one target. Dragon’s base Strength, Acc+2, Speed 6, range 550 yards. However if fired in an accurate beam, it loses the aggravated effect it has on units with magnitude.
• Power Breath: The Dragon’s fire is more lethal than most, Dragon’s Strength +5 Damage, cannot be combined with other breath attacks.
• Gentle grasp: Can carry men or other objects without making a dexterity check.
• Easy Flight: Most Dragons must bound across the land, building momentum to gain flight, or leap from a high cliff. Yours only need have stable ground from which to jump into the air. CAN NOT be taken by Colossus Dragon.
• Barbed Tail: Dragon’s tail has a viscous spear like blade. Spd 5, Acc +1, Dmg +8L, Def +2
• Crushing Bite: The Dragon’s Jaws are capable of bisecting a barded horse, Spd 5, Acc +1, Dmg +10L, Def -2
• Ram’s Horns: With a Hard head and thick curled Horns thisDragon was built to knock down walls, towers, and gates. Spd 5, Acc +1, Dmg +12B, Def -2


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