Crafts and Science

There are five mundane crafts. Anything a mortal could conceivably build or make rolls off of one of these crafts.

Craft Air- Calligraphy, Jewelry Making, Glassblowing, Creating high precision instruments, small decorative items, painting.

Craft Earth- Masonry, Stone cutting, Creating Earthworks. (Creating buildings or large objects with Stones or Earth)

Craft Fire- Blacksmithing, Ceramics (Working with metal or creating objects with fire)

Craft Forest- Carpentry, Weaving, flower arranging, carving, working with natural objects.

Craft Water- cooking, brewing, leather working, pharmacy, poison making

Advanced crafts, the sciences. These advanced crafts each have requirements before being moved past the first dot, and most require extensive laboratory support, and possibly trained assistants to create anything.

  • Craft Fate- Restricted to Deities
  • Science Genesis- Genesis is the Craft of life, of designing new species, modifying existing races, and at it’s highest levels even adding supernatural powers to the race, it is also the art of crafting sentience and independent thought. Requirements: To move beyond one dot of Science Genesis: Craft Forest 5, Craft Water 3, Medicine 4
  • Science Glamour- Restricted to the Others- Vast powers of illusion.
  • Science Magitech- Magi-tech is the knowledge of building and constructing artifacts made from magical materials, from simple Daiklaves, to complicated devices like Essence Cannons, Implosion Bows, Soul-breaker Orbs, or Resplendent Personal Assistants. Requirements: To move beyond one dot of Science Magitech: Craft Air 5, Craft Earth 2, Seneschal 3, Craft Fire 3
  • Science Necrotech- Necrotech is the science of Death, Victor Frankenstein’s dream made real. While true life cannot be created from a dead creature, nor may anyone who has died be returned to life, a semblance of life can be restored. A body without a heart quickly falls dead, but a body reanimated through necroscience can soldier on without blood or an effective nervous system. Requirements: To move beyond one dot of Science Necrotech: Craft Fire 2, Medicine 5, Must know 3rd Circle Necromancy.
  • Science Pandemonium- Restricted to Demons, Gods, and other Spirits

Crafts and Science

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