Armor has four statistics that really matter-

Soak- Duh.

  • Bashing- (B)
  • Lethal- (L)
    Mobility Penalty- (M) # of DICE removed from your TOTAL dice pool, for all Dexterity Actions except attacking and Parrying.
    Cost!- ( R) The # of dots you have to have in Liege or Resources to purchase sets of this armor, either for yourself or henchmen.

Light Armor

  • Breastplate: +4L/2B, -1M, 1R, May be hidden under a cloak or heavy jacket
  • Buff Jacket: +3L/4B, -1M, 0R
  • Chainshirt: +3L/1, -0M, 1R, May be hidden under normal clothes

Medium Armor

  • Chain Hauberk (Chainmail): 6L/7B, -3M, 1R
  • Lamellar: 6L/8B, -2M, 2R May be concealed under a cloak or heavy jacket
  • Reinforced Buff Jacket: 5L/8B, -2M, 1R (If 3R may have the metal plates concealed)

Heavy Armor

  • Articulated Plate: +9L/9B, -3 M, 4R
  • Plate and Chain: +8L/10B, -4M, 3R
  • Reinforced Breastplate: +7L/6B, -2M, 3R

Superheavy Armor

  • Chain Swathing: 11L/14B, -6M, 3R
  • Super Heavy Plate: 12L/12B, -4M, 4R

Magical Materials and armor built from them.


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