The Mouth of Peace

The Head of the Immaculate Order


Age: 150?
Ethnicity: Targaryen
Physique: a Short man, perhaps 5’2", with hair gone entirely white and a white beard. Still, he has a powerful build, one that shows a devotion to exercise and training.

Alias: Steward, Abbot, Mouth of Peace

A member of a minor branch of House Targaryen.


After the Doom, he chose to join the surviving remnants of the Immaculate order, the religious order of old Valyria, in order to help preserve their culture. As per the traditions of the order he gave up his name upon joining the order.

The Head of the Immaculate Order in the Kingdom of Isles, he sits on Queen Morathi’s Small Council as the Master of the Sanctity.

The Mouth of Peace

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