Drexel's Dragon


Class: Noble Dragon
Appearance: Blue with red scales highlighted with touches of orange around his talons, tail and snout.

Sabers scales are more rough than other dragon’s and shaped similar to a sharks tooth.

His wings have an odd shape connecting at three places along his body appearing more like barbed fins than wings. This gives him the ability to swim nearly as well as he can fly. In addition to his odd wings, Saber has another strange feature for a fire dragon, gills. These gills are located on his upper chest and work in conjuction with his lungs.

Traits: Aquatic, Easy Flight, Power Breath, Barbed Tail


Much like Drexel, Sabre prefers action rather than stoic calm. A dragon of the sword and flame, Sabre spends the majority of his time chasing and hunting sea creatures, mating with Fafnir, and seeking battlefields on which to feed.

He and Drexel share a mutual respect for their family, and while the only thing Drexel would never kill is a dragon, Sabre will destroy anything that threatens his spirit brother.


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