Harren Hoare

Harren the Black; High King of the Kingdom of Iron


“No king in Westeros is more feared than Black Harren, whose cruelty has become legendary all through the Eight Kingdoms.”_ Edmyn Tully

Age: 97
Ethnicity: Iron Born
Dread: 5
Physique: 5’8", broad across the shoulders, and demonically strong.
He has five living sons, and sired his first when he was only twelve. He has three daughters.
He hasn’t bothered counting his bastards.

His eldest son is Balon. His daughters are Gwynesse, Gysella, and Asha.

He wields the sword Slayer of Kings, which glows a sinister red and has slain three kings in Harren the Black’s hands.


The King of the Kingdom of Iron.

Harren Hoare has many names, none of them pleasant. Harren has put down three rebellions, and won 23 battles, with no losses to his name.

He has never lost a duel.

Recently he finished construction of Harrenhal, the largest fortress in Westeros.

Harren Hoare

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