Size: Noble

Description: Amaranth is a red dragon with primarily shiny scales that switch between all the colors of the red spectrum and his underbelly as well as the insides of his wings are dirty gold. His eyes are a bright gold, much like the metal.

Type: Amaranth is a fire dragon, able to shoot fire like a normal dragon and what Demetar likes to call his “Spit Boom” in which Amaranth “spits” out a small ball of flame and upon contact explodes in a large area, making a loud booming sound.

Traits: Crushing Bite, Easy Flight, Focused, Breath, Power Breath


Amaranth hatched pretty much straight away when Demetar came up to the egg as a babe. Growing up, it was impossible to separate the two, they did everything together. His name comes from the color Amaranth as it was Demetar’s mother, Visenya that inspired the name

Being linked with Demetar, Amaranth is quite the mellow dragon, even with his large size. Those that are used to seeing dragons feel calm when approaching Amaranth. Amaranth himself loves to tease Demetar simply based upon their differences in size but is ultimately very protective of Demetar.


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