Size: Common.
Description: Afanc is an albino dragon, whose scales are an eerie shade of white. The inside of his wings are a light gray, like a cloud ready to rain and sparks scatter in his pink eyes. His wings are bigger and more powerful than a normal dragon of his size.

Type: Afanc is an air dragon, capable of great mobility, particularly in the air. He makes his roost high up the mountain on Dragonstone.

Traits: Easy Flight, Barbed Tail, Climber, Gentle Grip.


Afanc hatched from the egg stolen by Alexander Targaryen after he killed his first dragon in order to acquire Afanc’s egg. He shares his name with an ancient Valyrian demon. Initially, Alexander was less than pleased at his new dragon’s sickly look, due to his albinism, though Afanc developed rapidly and grew wings much bigger and more powerful than a standard dragon of his size and the two became as close as any Targaryen and his dragon. His name in his youth was Specter.

Emphatically linked with the monstrous Alexander, Afanc is a cruel being, who deeply enjoys death and conquest. He also shares his master’s morbid curiosity and is well known for playing with his food, taking his unfortunate prey up to the mountain and seeing how long they can last…


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