Game of Thrones the Targaryen Conquest

Notes to Self (2)

Finally, war.

My six months of patient planning and scheming has finally reached its fruition. Morathi heard all of our plans today and has chosen mine as the one with the most possibility of success. Once again, I find myself frustrated at Morathi’s changes to my original plan. In less than a minute, she’s able to improve a plan I’ve researched and worked on for nearly six months. Still, her changes are improvements, though I’m not entirely sure why she’s so fixated on the city state of Lookshy, but it’s extremely likely that she is seeing something I am not, so I won’t press the point.

Still, while my plan was clearly the most successful, I find myself impressed with my brothers. Demetar’s plan was short, as I predicted. Knowing him, he probably only worked on it in the last week, but it showed some newfound tactical prowess which I was unaware he possessed, even if his speaking skills leave much to be desired. Drexel’s plan was also tactically sound, though he marred his own presentation with his regular pointless theatrics. Aeneas’s plan also showed skill. He has recently won the loyalty of a minor house earning him a small army of followers, though I think that was out of his misguided sense of compassion rather than any militaristic intent. Still, I was beginning to think he had accepted his curse of low birth, but I am glad he is realizing that he is still a Targaryen and he should act like it. We shall see how he fares during our siege of Sunspear.

Ah, Sunspear. It’s been far too long since the men have had their run of a place and I have learned so much about death since Numenor. I am so eager to try out my new ideas. I shall bring Targaryen glory to that blasted city. I will look back at my family throughout the generations and tell them I have filled the country of Dorne with our glorious birthright.

Afanc will provide the fire. They will provide the blood.



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