Game of Thrones the Targaryen Conquest

Notes to Self

Finally, I have been released from jail and my notes returned to me. I think Morathi has begun to deliberately take my notebooks from me; she knows how much I like to write down all the different thoughts in my head. How else am I supposed to organize them? Perhaps I can find a hiding place in one of the cells… Do I have one of the guards on payroll? I need to acquire one. Perhaps two, just in case I don’t like one of them. Also, Keeper is beginning to get a little too familiar… I should remove a finger or two to keep him in line, but Morathi seems to like this one. Perhaps I can make her do it if I plant some evidence that he’s betraying her… Of course, then she’ll just kill him, but then maybe the new keeper will be a bit more formal. I’ll muse on it.

Morathi doesn’t seem too annoyed about Numenor, as I surmised before we left. Seven days isn’t a particularly long prison sentence, although Thaddeus is still down there. Still, a few days of boredom was a fair price to pay for some of the finest days I’ve had in recent memory. The boys got a good run around, Octavian got to blow some things up and Thaddeus enjoyed some truly spectacular murder. I do believe he’s getting better with age. Afanc enjoyed himself as well; I’ve been worried about him not eating as much as he should recently, but I could feel his hunger when he found that hall full of children and his joy at what followed, so my concerns are obviously unfounded.

In the meanwhile, Morathi has instructed Drexel and I to kill a bill in the Senate. It’s a rather trivial matter, which would reduce the taxes paid by kelp farmers, but its gained some popularity. She’ll veto it, of course, but she wants to look like she cares and she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. Drexel handled the high Lords, and I went to deal with some of the more powerful members of the House of Useless Rabble. The first one I visited was a Lady Jupiter, head of the militarist party. I attempted to pull of one of Octavian’s favorite tricks on her, but the woman is so hideously uncultured, she refused to even drink tea with me. I reverted to the standard plan and made some threats, and I managed to destabilize the party’s voting pattern, but I doubt it will win too many votes. I must follow through with Lady Jupiter and make sure she doesn’t doubt me again. I will make her regret drinking that common swill instead of a proper drink.

There was also some matter involving one of the false kings from Westeros. He is a complete moron, pleading for help he can’t afford, who seemed willing to actually give me a whole city in return for a promise of alliance. Demetar ruined that line of negotiation when he informed the man of what he was giving up. I need to stop inviting him to things. I left when Drexel seemed to want to hand him over to Morathi, despite her request… Maybe I misunderstood her instructions, but I doubt it. On his own head.

In more personal matters, Maegor seems to be intimidated by sex. Obviously, this is rather a problem in our family. Frankly, Morathi was foolish to put him in the closet; she should have tied him to a chair in the open, so she could have walked him through all the steps. I tried to teach him the difference between the screams of pleasure and pain… though he seems reluctant to try torture. He’s agreed to learn more though, so I do think there’s hope for the boy. Next time, I will bring Arianna, so she can pleasure the man I’m torturing. That will really illustrate the difference to the boy, and Arianna will enjoy it. I owe her a treat for making her spend time with that Westerosi oaf.

Oh, and there seems to be a Numenorean on Dragonstone, working for one of my cousins. According to Drexel, she’s rather skilled, though honestly, Drexel says that about almost everyone with breasts. Still, it’s a nice connection. A few threats about the burning of her homeland might make her a half decent spy. If the threats don’t work, I’ve been idly wondering about how much weight women’s breasts can hold before they tear off. It would depend on the woman, I assume, though I’m sure the Numenorean whore will be a good place to start the calculations.


hey alexander, Your creepy :)

Session XP:
Alexander: 4
Demeter: 1
Drexel: 4

Notes to Self

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